Monthly Archives: May 2008

Johnny Chung Lee

I Stumbled across this guy a few days ago. He’s done some amazing stuff with the Wii remote, most of it is pretty straight forward but the applications are amazing. It’s worth checking out some of the videos particularly the one on head-tracking. Wow, I hope that the next generation of Wii FPS games start using this, imagine being able to actually pear around a corner for real or dodge left and right by moving your head! I guess there’ll be some weird looking headgear to go with it but the results would be so worth the humiliation.

Free to Think

Personally, I find it impossible from a logical perspective to accept that there is no God. That is not to say that I believe that anyone who chooses not to do so is ignorant or illogical, but from my own experience of life and study of God through the Bible I can come to no other conclusion than the existence of a good and just creator of everything.

Contrary to the currently fashionable secular view of faith, the true New Testament faith is not something made stronger by ignorance or by believing against the evidence. Faith is consistent with knowledge and a true understanding of facts and evidence that we can see around us.

I personally find it immensely frustrating that the world uses ‘straw men’ arguments against the simple logic and truth of the Christian faith, setting up caricatures and twistings or misunderstandings of the truths revealed in scripture in order to undermine the message and keep people believing that faith is blind and ignorant.

Sadly many have fallen for the lie and believe that Christians are easily lead, simple minded fools at best for following the teachings of Christ. At worst we are zealous ‘fundamentalists’ who threaten the perceived freedom of our society.

John 8:44 says Satan is the father of lies, Jesus goes on in this passage to explain that the people do not believe the truth when they hear it because they are not of God. We are by our very nature, sinful (See my previous post) and so we cannot be ‘of God’ so it’s no surprise that a proportion of the world is following a lie.

Paul said in Romans 10:17 that “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.” Only when the Holy Spirit reveals the truth of the mercy and grace of the love of God for us, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ can anyone accept it. Once we accept that understanding given by the Holy Spirit it makes perfect sense and the lies are revealed for what they are. Only then, when the clouds of lies are lifted and our eyes spiritually open can we be truly free to think.