Oracle Grid Control 11g

I was trying to install Oracle Grid Control 11g when I came across this gem:
partitioning option is not installed in the database, its strongly recommended to install it
“partitioning option is not installed its strongly recommended to install it”
I’m using an 11g r2 Standard Edition database for the repository as we only have Standard Edition licences at work but Standard Edition doesn’t include the Partitioning option. No where in the GC docs does it specify an Enterprise Edition repository database as a prerequisite!
There’s no way to ignore the ‘recommendation’ from the installer as clicking OK just returns you to the previous screen, this is the last thing I need on a Friday afternoon!

Seems like you can run partitioning, I found this in an upgrade doc (1090009.1) on My Oracle Support:

29) Database Partitioning Requirements
Ensure that the existing, certified Oracle Database has the Partitioning Option enabled. To verify this, connect to the database as SYSDBA and run the following query:
select value from v$option where parameter = ‘Partitioning’;
The result of this query should be VALUE=TRUE. No additional partitioning license is required for the database that houses the Management Repository.

Why is this is not mentioned in the install docs?

So I need to reinstall Oracle with the partitioning option. Ho Hum, back to the drawing board…


5 thoughts on “Oracle Grid Control 11g

  1. Did you figure this one out? Is it possible to install partitioning in Standard Edition without additional licenses?

    1. You can’t enable Partitioning in a Standard edition database as the installer won’t let you select the option. As far as I could see in the documentation, proving the database is only being used as a EM repository you can use partitioning option which means that you’ll have to install Enterprise edition.

      I don’t work for Oracle so I don’t fully understand their
      licensing model. This advice is base on my interpretation of their documentation and not on any advice from Oracle themselves.

      I’ll try to find the link gov the docs later when I get home and post it.

    2. Hi Martin, As I said in the original post I found this nugget buried in an upgrade document on My Oracle Support:

      “No additional partitioning license is required for the database that houses the Management Repository.”

      Which I interpreted as meaning that you can install an Enterprise Edition DB for the EM repository even if you don’t have a license for EE.

  2. I cannot figure out how to enable partitioning in a 11g database (Windows 2008).

    There is no such option when creating the database

    Any Ideas?

    1. Hi Ifty, Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away all last week. From memory I think that by selecting the Enterprise Edition of the database during the install the Partitioning option is automatically enabled for all subsequently created databases

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