Monthly Archives: July 2010

There was a man once

Sky over St Andrews
There was a man once.
He came from humble beginnings although great things were promised of him.
He had no home or belongings other than the clothes on his back.
He had no evil thought in his head, no malice or hatred.
He fixed what was broken and made well those who were sick.
He spoke of love and mercy, light and life
He loved what was good and right and just.
He loved his father who sent him.
He loved the people he met.
He loved those who hated him.
He loved.
He stood up for what he knew was right.
He rejected lies and false claims.
He spoke against a corrupt religion and society.

When they sent soldiers with swords and spears to arrest him he went freely.
When he was put on trial in the middle of the night he confounded his accusers.
When they beat him and spat on him he remained silent.
When they hung him he spoke or forgiveness.
When he died it was finished.

They buried him but the grave could not hold him.
He lived again, but the earth could not keep him.
He ascended into heaven, but one day he’ll return.