It’s National Inter-Faith week and the the religious groups here at work are each putting on an event to:

Celebrate good inter-faith and diversity relations at Birmingham City University and the wider society, Encourage faith groups and communities to build stronger bonds of understanding, Increase awareness of the different faith communities and Increase understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.

Nothing wrong with that…

The Sikh Society did a martial arts demo yesterday
The Islamic Society will host a Q and A on Islam
The Hindu Society are holding a Aarti (prayers and songs apparently)
The Jewish Society are having a lecture on the basics of Judaism
The Budhist Society are off on a visit to a Vihara (monastery)

and the Catholic Chaplincy? Well they’re hosting an ‘Inter-Faith’ lunch.

So while everyone else is happily sharing their faiths with one another, the Christians on campus will be hosting a lunch… What’s the problem? are Christians not able to share their faith? I thought that was one of the driving forces behind the whole Christian way of life.

OK, rant over for today. (sigh…)


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