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Churches on Facebook 2

As I mentioned previously I’ve recently created a Facebook group but decided in the end that a Facebook page would be more fitting for our needs. I transferred all the content to the new page and let everyone in the group know what is happening. Most of the members have made the transition from one to the other and I’ll shut down the group soon.

Churches on Facebook

This is one of those times where the geeky/nerdy bit of me can be of use to the church: I’ve recently created a group on Facebook for our church. It’s going well so far although all we’ve done is put up some information on upcoming events. After reading this though I think what I should have done is created a Facebook page rather than a group so now I need to migrate from one to the other! Incidently, I read some great tips on using a church Facebook presence on churchmarketingsucks.com. Hope to be making use of some of those ideas in the coming weeks 🙂