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Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 on Ubuntu

This was one of my early posts and it seems the instructions work the same for the new October 2010 early release version of SQL Developer. (it was pretty straight forward anyway).

Grab the SQL Developer 3.0 RPM from Oracle (registration required):

You’ll need the Alien package to convert the SQL Developer .rpm to a .deb package and the Linux Standard Base (lsb) package and a Java Runtime in order to run the application.

$ sudo apt-get install lsb java-6-jre alien

Build the .deb package using alien:

$ sudo alien --scripts sqldeveloper-

I did get one error doing the build but it completed successfully anyway:

error: incorrect format: unknown tag
sqldeveloper_3.0.02.37-2_all.deb generated

Install the .deb package:
sudo dpkg -i sqldeveloper_3.0.02.37-2_all.deb

And run the application for the first time, it should ask you where your JRE is, mine was in


SQL Developer should now be installed in the Applications menu under Programing.

Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu 8.10

Like my earlier post on installing the Oracle 10g client on Ubuntu, when I came to install SQL Developer on 8.10 I couldn’t find a complete list of instructions so I thought I’d write my own.

First we need to get the rpm from Oracle:


Now we need a few things before we install it:

sudo apt-get install lsb sun-java6-jre alien

We’re ready now to build the .deb package and install:

sudo alien --scripts sqldeveloper.rpm
sudo dpkg -i sqldeveloper.deb

Finaly we need to tell SQL Developer where to find our JDK, mine went into /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- so:

echo "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-" > ~/.sqldeveloper/jdk

SQL Developer should now be installed in the Applications menu under Programing.

sshMenu installation

Hey, two posts in one day! Must be some kind of achievement (for me anyway).

I’ve recently installed this realy useful little Gnome panel applet called sshMenu. Once installed and set up it gives you direct access to all your ssh sessions from a menu on the Gnome panel. Here’s how to install it on Ubuntu 8.10 as that is my current distro:

sudo apt-get install sshmenu sshmenu-gnome

then just add the application to the Gnome panel by right-clicking the panel and choosing ‘Add to panel’ then select the sshMenu application from the list. I had to restart Gnome (CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE) after the installation before it showed up in the add to panel list.