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Having switched from the Metro tram system to the trains I suddenly realised last week how much the 8 mile a day round trip to the station was costing me in fuel so I went out and bought a bicycle (an Apolo 10Gx I think…). I’ve not spent a huge amount of money, it only cost just over £100. I’ve not owned or ridden a bike in about 10 years so I’m a bit sore this morning!

Long time no blog…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been working on some projects at church and work has been very busy with the new enrolment and changes throughout the University IT department, I should be in a new position before the end of the year and in a better position to keep up to date with this blog. As for Church, I’ve completed the first module of my Theology qualification, it’s been alot of hard work but most definatly worth it. Also there’s a new Church website which is almost finished, just a little bit of polishing to do there and I’m now the leader of the Friday night youth club for secondary school kids called Rock Club. (The younger group is called Pebbles and the older bible study group is called Bolder, kind of a play on words). Whew, thats all for now, new updates coming soon!