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Core Truths

What is at the core of Christianity? There have been several books over the years trying to answer that question, most famously Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, he of Narnia fame. (A strongly recommended read). Here’s a breakdown of the four key areas of truth that a person needs to know to be saved. This is a brief summary of each of the key points. I’ll try to expand on each a little over each soon.


God is our creator; he fashioned the whole of creation out of nothing and created the human race through Adam and Eve who rebelled against Him. God is Holy and Just; this means that he is different to us, set apart and that he is the final authority on Justice, what is right and what is wrong. God is also Loving and Merciful; He loves and cares for his creation, even in our rebellious state. God has spoken in the past to men who faithfully recorded His words and actions in history. God’s spoken word comes to us in the form of the Bible


Sin is anything that is against God, words, actions and thoughts. Because God is Just he has laid out in His word what is right and what is wrong. Sin is a nature that is within us, it’s something we’re born with, inherited from our ancestors who rebelled against God. Sin is also a practice, that nature causes us to think and act in ways that are contrary to God. Because God is Just He has said that sin must be punished.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is God, specifically God the Son, part of the trinity. At the same time He is also Man. Because He is God, Jesus is perfect, He never sinned, not even once. Jesus died for sinners. He took the punishment from God for our sin. Jesus was raised to life and He’s coming back to take his people to heaven.

The Way of Salvation

God makes the invitation to mankind for people to be saved from the punishment their sin will ultimately bring on them. Man’s response is to Repent, that is to turn away from sin and to Believe, to put your trust in Jesus Christ as God’s way of salvation.