Hi, in case you hadn’t notice, this world is broken. Unfortunately, at least for the time being it’s the only one we’ve got so just maybe we better do something about it don’t you think?
What’s broken? Well, to start with, our culture (I live in the UK, but I’d guess the same is true for most ‘western’ countries). I live in a country where people use and abuse each other for nothing more than money and where a sense of moral care and responsibility for others has all but evaporated. Me, Me, Me we cry like spoilt children.
Am I being a little pessimistic? perhaps. Perhaps what I read and listen to in the press of the stealing, killing and general lack of respect for life belongs to a small minority and it’s been blown up out of proportion, but I am skeptical.
I’m a Christian and as such I believe that the Bible teaches that God created the world (and us) perfectly. Because of the disobedience of mankind towards our creator we, along with the rest of God’s creation are under a curse of decay and destruction. As this once great country gradualy turns it’s back on the truthes of God we will continue to fall further into chaos. With no moral absolutes governing our society the concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are blown around like a leaf on the wind. Only by turning back to God and the salvation he offers through Jesus Christ and rejecting our selfish and inward looking culture can we hope to reverse the current trend and build a society that works.
For the Church of God this time is an opportunity to stand firm and say loudly and clearly that our society doesn’t work and to point to a better way. We can’t stop the trend of the World towards destruction, but we can work with God to save as many from this broken world as we can.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. …of course it’s broken!
    If only God had released the world to the open source… we’d have sorted all bugs ages ago!

    Just a smile,
    wish you a very happy Christmas,

    (came across here looking for an Ubuntu client for Oracle…)

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